Check Out the Caribbean Natural Wonders

Everyone knows the Caribbean for its luxurious combination of sun, sand and sea. This beautiful collection of Islands offers an unforgettable and decadent holiday experience with just about everything you could wish for when visiting an island paradise (or several)!).

However, the Caribbean is much more than just luxury resorts, turquoise waters and soft, soft sandy beaches. It also has an incredibly rich culture, each island has its own history, traditions and cuisine. But most importantly, the region has some of the most impressive and breathtaking natural wonders in the world.

So before you head out on a cruise from Puerto Rico or board that plane to Jamaica, take a look at some of the highlights of the Caribbean’s natural world and plan to explore beyond the beach on your next vacation.


If snorkeling is your thing, swimming off Virgin Gorda might be your idea of paradise. An incredibly chaotic collection of sunken rocks, caves and underwater caves offers a refuge for an incredible variety of corals and marine life, which makes this wonderful natural Formation perfect for divers of all levels. Explore the caves and dive into the sparkling waters of the beach for the ultimate combination of relaxation and adventure.


Bioluminescence is caused by an infinitesimal plankton in the water that shines brightly when it is slightly disturbed. Seeing this natural phenomenon in the real world is an indescribable experience, like the northern Lights from the sea, and Vieques in Puerto Rico is one of the best places in the world to experience it. Bahia Fosforescente is a natural formation at the end of a long and thin mangrove river, and the glittering light show is especially impressive on a moonless night. Swim or kayak in the bay for a truly magical and unique experience.

The extraordinary rock formations that make up the Pitons of Saint Lucia are one of the most impressive natural sites in the entire Caribbean and perhaps in the world! Two volcanic peaks rise majestically above the island and emerge from the water to stand out as an emblematic Panorama of the region. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Piton management area offers the possibility of hiking in a lush tropical jungle, diving under crystal clear waters, exploring coral reefs and bathing in naturally heated springs. You can even climb the big hook if you need more adventure!

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